Man charged with killing Dallas officer denied bond

The man charged with driving drunk and hitting and killing a Dallas police officer will not be released after all.

This time, Adrian Breedlove is not allowed to bond out due to his medical evaluation. Police say he was driving drunk when he hit and killed Senior Corporal Jamie Givens.

Family, friends and colleagues gathered Wednesday to say goodbye to Givens.

A line of motorcycles was parked outside the chapel in honor of Givens, a 32-year veteran who was killed by an alleged drunk driver.

Four days after Givens’ death, there is still uncertainty about the suspect’s future behind bars. Police say Breedlove had a blood alcohol level more than twice the legal limit when the accident happened.

After initially being released on bond, Breedlove was booked into jail again Monday before additional restrictions were placed on his release Tuesday.

On Wednesday, Breedlove was expected to be released again, but the judge ordered him to remain in custody due to the results of a mental health evaluation.

Thursday’s funeral will draw officers from all across Texas, including 100 from Fort Worth.

“Even though we may not know each other personally, we all wear a badge. That puts us in a brotherhood. We are family. This is close to home and means a lot to us,” said Fort Worth Police Sgt. Marc Povero. “We have to watch out for each other’s back. There are dangers out there only we come face to face with. We rely on each other. It doesn’t matter what badge you wear. We all wear blue.”

Court records say Breedlove’s mental health will be reevaluated on a day by day basis.

The funeral on Thursday will be at 11 a.m.