Video shows man attack women following crash in Dallas

A 29-year-old woman said a man attacked her and her friend in an act of road rage near Downtown Dallas early Saturday morning. 

FOX 4 is blurring the man’s face because police have not confirmed if they’re looking for him, or whether he’ll be charged with a crime if they locate him.

Shaudae McMillan said she was driving a friend home along North Central Expressway.

"And a car merged into the lane and sideswiped us," she recalled. "I immediately put on my blinkers, I pulled over."

She knew there was minimal damage to her car, but she wanted to exchange information.

"I should not have to fight my way out of a routine accident," McMillan said. "But as soon as we stepped out of the car, the driver of the car was the guy in the video, he was very irate. I mean, he came out of the car calling us all types of names and saying that we damaged his car."

McMillan said the other driver continued to be aggressive.

"And he’s cussing and spitting and all types of things," she said. "He got really close to me and I did like, kind of push him back…and I think what triggered him was me telling him to back up, because he was this close to my face, and me requesting that my friend call the police."

That’s when McMillan said he attacked them. Her friend, with a phone in hand to call police, hit record.

"He hit me, I fell to the ground. He was acting as if he was going back to the car, beelined straight for my friend, and the reason why she got hit is because there was nowhere for her to go," she recalled.

There was barely enough room for a vehicle to park on the shoulder. It’s even tighter when you add a group people.

The women being attacked during the road rage not only feared the man throwing punches, but also incoming traffic.

"We’re on a bridge. She can’t jump over the bridge or hurry up and get in the car," McMillan said. "And he just punches her in the face and broke her nose."

They said he drove off with his female passenger. 

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McMillan filed a police report. Police said the video is part of the investigation, but would not elaborate any further. 

"I was like putting my hands up to make space for both of us and I was backing up," McMillan recalled.

McMillan’s video has hundreds of thousands of views on her social media channels. She doesn’t want any sort of street justice.

"I do not want anyone going out and causing physical harm to anyone," she said.

She just wants police to find her alleged attacker.