Man arrested for Wednesday murder of pregnant girlfriend

A Dallas man is in jail, charged with murdering a pregnant woman last week.

28-year-old Randy Chiles was taken into custody on Saturday. For the last several days, police say Chiles was being treated for an unspecified medical condition at Baylor hospital. Now he’s in the north tower of the Dallas County Jail, charged with capital murder.

Next-door neighbor Henry Elo says Chiles tried to keep his frantic mother from getting into his apartment Wednesday morning. The murder happened at the Villas Del Lago apartments just off Northwest Highway, near Denton drive in Northwest Dallas.

Investigators say Chiles shot and killed his pregnant girlfriend, 28-year-old Jennifer Moore. Elo says he let Chiles' mother into his apartment and pushed Chiles out of his doorway and called 9-11. He says Chiles had blood on his pants and arms and appeared to be out of it. He says Chiles' mother was scared to death.

"She was in shock, she couldn't tell the whole story, because she couldn't speak, but she kept on saying, he killed her!  He killed her!"

Elo says Chiles' mother said he threatened to kill her, so she hid from him for more than two hours until she thought he was asleep that's when she ran over to his apartment.  Elo says he did not know Chiles personally, but knew something was wrong with him. Police say Chiles was taken to the hospital for a medical condition and wasn't booked into the Dallas County Jail until Saturday afternoon. 

Dallas Police have not revealed a possible motive. Chiles’ bond has been set at $500,000.