Man admits to killing recent UTD grad in her Dallas apartment

A capital murder suspect admitted from jail on Monday that he killed a University of Texas at Dallas graduate in her apartment.

Police say Lin Wang was followed home on the night of Sept. 21 and stabbed to death. Her roommate was critically wounded and robbed.

One week later, police arrested Jeremy Meeks on a burglary warrant. Police say he confessed to them about the attacks, and he did the same thing during a rambling jailhouse interview with FOX4.        

"It was simple. It was fast, I was in, I was out. I was thinking oh my God I cannot f---ing believe this happened! That is the feeling of the man that is before you, sir,” Meeks said.

Meeks appeared intelligent and lucid but also repeatedly claimed he was hearing voices. 

REPORTER: "So, you're saying you're not guilty?"

MEEKS: "I could never say that! I could never say that, because no matter what I'm the one that was there! I'm the one that killed those two ladies.  I am the one who killed them."

Police said Meeks stole several items from the apartment, including a cell phone that police were later able to trace. Police also said Meeks entered a different apartment in the same complex before the attacks, but left when confronted by a man.

Despite all that, Meeks says the attacks were not premeditated.

"I'm very sorry that one of them had to die and I really wish, in all honesty that neither one of them died,” Meeks said.

When told he could face the death penalty for his actions, Meeks said, "I would welcome the death penalty.”

Meeks claims he has multiple personalities and has been diagnosed with mental illness, something his brother also stated when FOX4 spoke to him by phone.

“He's never been a functioning member of society and honestly the best thing that could happen to him is landing himself in a mental hospital for the rest of his life,” Brandon Meeks said.

Jeremy Meeks has a history of criminal charges dating back to 1999, including assault, family violence, drug possession, burglary and theft.

Brandon Meeks says he's never seen his brother be violent and says the man charged for capital murder is not the person he knew. He offered apologies to the victims' families.

“I'm so sorry, I've been crying for days now,” Brandon Meeks said. “I feel bad for the family of the victim, and definitely bad for the victim. I don't want my brother to get killed or anything, he needs mental help. He's not a sane person.”

Wang was remembered on Sunday as a remarkable young woman with a bright future, having just graduated with a master's degree in accounting. Her roommate, who has not been identified, was last listed in critical condition.

Jeremy Meeks remains in custody at the Dallas County Jail. His bond is set at $500,000.

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