'Look at me!': 4-year-old with rare disorder excited to walk at physical therapy

This touching video of an enthusiastic little boy at physical therapy will melt your heart. 

With help from the therapist, 4-year-old Bradon is seen joyfully walking on a treadmill while his older sister records him. In the clip you can hear him giggle and say "look at me" while his big sis excitedly reacts. 

The little guy suffers from a rare genetic disease called Leigh Syndrome, the disease affects his motor skills and bodily development, in turn restricting mobility. According to a post from his sister, doctors claimed he would only live up to 2 years old, but the little fighter continues to push forward. 

The video was shared on Twitter and quickly went viral-- to date, it has over 2 million views! Many users have left comments filled with love and support. 

"This made me keep pushing towards my goal in becoming a physical or occupational therapist. Your brother is an amazing blessing  Congrats to him on this huge milestone I hope he accomplishes a lot more ! he brought a hugee smile to my face! I send lots of love." 


"Aww, that is beautiful! Look how happy and proud he is with his accomplishments. What an awesome little boy, keep up the good work buddy!"