Long lines, few sandwiches as Popeyes chicken sandwich fever hits North Texas

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The hottest food trend in the U.S. has hit North Texas hard.

The new Popeyes chicken sandwich was nearly impossible to find for people across the area on Wednesday, days after an exchange between the restaurant and other fast food companies went viral online.

FOX4 viewers and followers sent photos and videos showing just how rabid the desire is to find the new fried chicken sandwich. There were long lines and handwritten signs posted to drive thru menu boards stating locations didn’t have the sandwich because they had run out.

The fried chicken sandwich, viewed as a competitor to Chick-fil-A’s iconic chicken sandwich, comes in regular and spicy. But for most customers on Wednesday, it was just an empty bag.

It’s not just in-person customers feeling the effect of the suddenly popularity. App-based delivery services like Door Dash are cancelling orders of the sandwich, customers said.

The Dallas Morning News reported Wednesday evening that just four of the nearly 40 Popeyes locations in North Texas had the chicken sandwiches available.

Popeyes told the newspaper that the sold out status of the sandwiches is only temporary.