Lone Star Adventure: Swimming Holes

It's summer in Texas and we're all looking for places to cool off. This week's Lone Star Adventure features five old-fashioned swimming holes. 

Burger's Lake

Burger's Lake was a water park before there were water parks. It’s an old-fashioned swimming hole with attractions that time left behind. Its roots go back nearly a century. Owner Hugo Burger turned a cold water spring into a swimming hole in 1929. He charged a nickel a head.

Sandy Lake Amusement Park

In Carrollton, north of Dallas, there’s Sandy Lake. It’s another amusement park with deep historical roots dating back almost a century. Back in the early 1900s, there was a gravel pit. Water filled in the pits and became what people called Sandy Lake. It just evolved and eventually, concrete was brought in to make the pool.

Athens Scuba Park

East of Dallas, another quarry turned swimming hole is the Athens Scuba Park. It’s a seven-acre lake with a sunken tour bus and airliner for divers to explore.

Turner Falls

A 90-minute drive north of DFW takes you to Turner Falls, Okla. The privately-owned campground has multiple swimming areas, one framed by a beautiful waterfall.

Hamilton Pool Preserve

A longer road trip still, head south to Dripping Springs and Hamilton Pool Preserve. It’s a natural body of water that was created when the dome of an underground river collapsed. The drawback is that pool has become so popular that reservations are now required and they book up weeks in advance.