Local charities ask for support on North Texas Giving Tuesday Now

It’s North Texas Giving Tuesday Now – a day of online fundraising for local non-profit organizations.

North Texans are encouraged to make a much-needed donation to one of the more than 3,000 charities participating in the campaign.

The coronavirus pandemic has more people turning to non-profits for help.

Typically, North Texas Giving Day is in September but organizers decided to host a second special event this year because of the coronavirus crisis.

The North Texas Giving Tuesday Now website lets people donate directly to groups that support a variety of causes from unemployed local artists to healthcare workers and food pantries.

Videos shared online honoring healthcare workers are helping to raise money for the Parkland Foundation’s Public Health Preparedness Fund.

“I just want to say thank you to all the nurses out there including my mom, who’s a nurse. You guys risk your lives on the line every day for the health of others. A thank you can never be enough but from the deepest part of my spirit I wish you well and continue the fight,” one video tribute says.

WATCH: https://www.tribute.co/healthcareheroes/?video=d1222131-9395-d5bf-27ad-d5b2e622f32d

Shezad Manjee, the founder of DHD Films and creator of the HealthCare Heroes video campaign, said the goal was really to illustrate the respect and gratitude the community has for healthcare workers. Videos in the campaign have more than a million views now on Facebook.

It’s just one of many ways people are trying to raise awareness and funding for non-profits.

DONATE: NorthTexasGivingTuesdayNow.org