Llamaste: The Llama peaces out on the latest reveal for season 3 of ‘The Masked Singer’

It seems that the Llama couldn’t take the heat this season. 

The latest masked contestant was revealed to be none other than comedian and host Drew Carey, who was visibly sweating underneath the furry costume. 

As the “Price is Right” host put on his glasses, a hysterical crowd greeted him and fans everywhere were left shocked at the revelation following Carey’s epic Sunday performance of Ricky Marin’s “She Bangs.”

“Anything for the FOX network,” Carey said in his exit interview.  “When you’re wearing these costumes, a lot of the performers talk about how hot they are, and they really are.”

Carey gave viewers a first-hand account of just how challenging some of these extravagant costumes are to wear while performing in front of a live audience. 

“It was so sweaty, just gross,” he said.

Because he wasn’t able to wear his glasses under the mask, Carey said it was incredibly difficult to see while singing on stage. But considering the performance he gave, it was no prob-llama.