Little info released four days after Dallas PD officer-involved shooting

Four days after a Dallas police officer shot a gunman in Lake Highlands, the police department has released little information about what happened.

DPD says the officer shot the gunman on Friday after seeing him shoot another man. Police have interviewed some witnesses and they do have surveillance video of parts of the incident, but they want to know more about the motive to the original shooting. They hope to figure out what were the two men fighting about and more about the interaction between the shooter and the officer.

Last Friday around 4:30 p.m. just as people were getting off work for the week, Dallas PD says two men got into a heated argument near a busy CVS at the corner of Northwest Highway and Plano Road.  At the same time, they say a DPD officer who was not on duty but still in uniform was working neighborhood patrol in a marked car and saw an 18-year-old man pull a gun and shoot a 24-year-old man he was fighting with.

“Happened to drive up on the disturbance, witnessed the shooting of one of the two individuals, pursued the shooter,” explained Dallas Police Major Jesse Reyes. “He got involved, engaged the shooter and got involved in an officer-involved shooting.”

Police say at this point they still do not know whether the shooter pointed his gun at the officer or even whether he fired at the officer. That’s why they’re asking for any possible witnesses who have not come forward to do so now.

“We know for a fact there were other witnesses around that we did not get an opportunity to interview,” Reyes said. “Specifically, if you have any video evidence please come forward.”

There is a lot of basic information police know, but still have not released. They will not say whether the officer was wearing a body camera or how many times they believe the officer fired. They do have the suspect’s gun.

Four days after the incident, they have not released the name of shooting suspect, the officer shot or the 24-year-old police say the suspected gunman shot.

The officer remains on administrative leave, and detectives took a statement from him on Tuesday. Police say a DART bus came and went during the incident, and they know there are people out there who know more.

“That’s the reason we’re trying to get more evidence and witnesses to come forward,” Reyes said.

Police say they may release the names of the people involved. None of them have life-threatening injuries.