LGBTQ community marches to capitol demanding an end to hate crimes

In the wake of recent assaults in downtown Austin, the LBTQ community came together to rally at the capitol, and demand an end to hate crimes.

The protest was inspired by a couple who was brutally assaulted in mid-January.

Spencer Deehring and Tristan Perry were walking back to their car after celebrating a friend’s birthday at Rain Night Club. They passed a man on the street who called them a homophobic slur. It was then several men joined in and began taunting them and then the situation turned violent.

One man punched Tristian, breaking his nose, then the others joined in until the two were left unconscious lying in the street. An FBI report released a few months ago, cites Austin as having more hate crimes than any other Texas city in 2017.

Event organizer Candace Aylor said the group is aiming to improve quality of life in Austin to make it safer for everyone. "It's so hard for our community to feel like we have a voice and to feel like our voice will be heard. I think if we raise our voices collectively we will be heard."

The LGBTQ community marched down Congress and gathered on the south Capitol steps to stand alongside victims of hate crime.



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