Lewisville police searching for serial armed robbers

Armed robbers in Lewisville have gotten away with dozens of holdups in recent weeks.

Lewisville police are trying to understand at least a dozen attacks on Hispanic men dating back to Oct. 13. They only have a vague suspect description -- two men who are about 6 feet tall, sometimes with women and sometimes in a dark SUV.

“Predominately Hispanic males who are walking down the street and the folks jump out of a car and rob them at gunpoint taking personal items, taking wallets, phones, personal things,” said Lewisville PD Cpt. Dan Rochelle.

Captain Rochelle said the robberies are happening near Fox Avenue and Interstate 35, Highway 121 Business and I-35 and around the St. Charles Place Apartments and Northwood mobile home park.

“They’re yelling at them. In some cases, as an example last night, they actually pistol-whipped the victim in the face and hurt him pretty severely. He had fractured bones in his face,” said Cpt. Rochelle.

“If they’re getting more aggressive then people need to be more vigilant and make sure that they’re not out late," said Lewisville resident Clark Binning.

Police said all of the robberies have happened in the early evening and, in one instance, there were two other men with the victim.

“It’s very dangerous because you never know how they’ll demand with a gun, whether they’ll shoot or not. I need to watch my back because you never know," said resident Oscar Gonzales.

Police said they have no license plates, no surveillance video and not much else to go on. They believe there are more victims and they’d like to talk to them.