Lewisville firefighter who died on New Year's Eve laid to rest

Funeral services Thursday honored a young Lewisville firefighter who died unexpectedly on New Year’s Eve. 

Landun Charles was just 31 years old when he had a medical emergency and died. He and his wife were expecting their first child due next month. 

Charles was only with the Lewisville Fire Department for two years, but he made a lasting impact on the department and those who knew him. 

"Landun was the best in most of us. He was a friendly word to encourage. An ear to assuage your fear. The laugh you needed to get through the day," said College Station Fire Capt. Matt Brunson.

Lewisville city officials say 31-year-old Charles suddenly collapsed while getting ready for work on New Year’s Eve morning. 

Despite lifesaving efforts by his wife — who is a nurse — and other first responders, he died at a Kaufman hospital. 

Lewisville firefighter collapses on New Year's Eve, dies unexpectedly

During his career, Charles also worked as a flight paramedic for CareFlite and previously worked in College Station, even saving the life of another firefighter while working there. 

"While on duty, Landun administered care to another firefighter who was having a heart attack and saved his life," Brunson said. "This isn’t to mention all the other lives he had direct physical impact on, but this one speaks more clearly to me."

Firefighters, both current and retired, came to honor a fallen brother.

"They brought the whole city of Lewisville Fire Department," retied Lewisville firefighter Tim Weaver. "Other fire departments came and filled out the stations so they were able to bring everything up here and support the family." 

But along with his career impact, Charles and his wife were also about to become parents to a baby boy named Luke expected to arrive in just a couple more weeks. 

"But not only cherish those memories, but share those memories. Tell the story," Lewisville Fire Chaplain Kenneth Wells. "There’s going to be a little boy coming along, and it’s going to be four or five years before he’ll understand it. But he’ll walk by and see a picture and say tell me about daddy." 

Officials have not released more information on the medical emergency that caused Charles’ death.