Large fire breaks out in million-dollar North Dallas home

A North Dallas couple and their dog are left without a home after a fire that started in the garage quickly spread into a three-alarm inferno.

No firefighters were injured, but one of the homeowners suffered minor burns to his face. The fire was so big, it took almost 70 firefighters to extinguish it Thursday afternoon. Flames captured on SKY 4 shooting out of the roof of the home.

Gano Ehlers says she was outside gardening at the time while her husband took a nap.

“I smelled something funny,” the homeowner said. “And I look over and I saw the smoke coming out.”

Ehlers says the fire started in the garage.

“My husband was charging a battery to his model airplane and it caught fire,” explained Ehlers.

In the hectic moments, Ehlers and her husband grabbed their dog and got out of the house as the flames crept closer to neighbors' homes. But neighbors were more worried about the couple's wellbeing.

Firefighters managed to get the fire under control in little more than an hour.

“It looks like the entire roof has pretty much collapsed inward into the structure,” said Jason Evans with Dallas Fire Rescue. “With that type of collapse, not exactly sure what can be salvaged.”

Though more than eight years of memories in the house are gone, the Ehlers are managing to keep their heads high and counting their blessings.

“It was a dream home, and it's the mementos,” she said. “But honestly, you can replace those. It's the people.”

Ehlers’ husband was treated at a local hospital for a burn to his forehead and is expected to be okay.