Landslide threatens apartments near Lake Granbury

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Residents living in an apartment complex near Lake Granbury were forced to evacuate Friday after a dangerous landslide threatened their homes.

The bank near the Lake Front Apartments and Townhomes on Doyle Street collapsed. Images from SKY 4 showed crumbling retaining walls and a steep drop at the edge of one building.

“It's frightening though, because if it did go, the whole place would go,” said neighbor Natalie Adams. “There would be no place to get away from it.”

Granbury police gave the residents of the 16 units just five minutes each to get in and get out, just enough time to grab essentials only.

“I need to get my kids' stuff and my stuff, my husband's stuff,” said resident Christina Rodriguez. “I'm not sure what I'm going to do.”

It's not clear if, or when, anyone will be allowed back into the complex.

“Right now, everything is just put on pause,” said Granbury Police Sgt. Chris Brichetto. “The city is working with a structural engineer with the state to come out. That's what we're waiting right now for them to come out and assess it.”