Lake Worth reopens to boaters

Lake Worth has reopened for boaters after spring rains and floods forced its closure.

The reopening comes with a warning from the city of Fort Worth to beware of floating debris and tree stumps that may still be just below the surface.

Even though the lake has reopened, larger boats are still safely docked.

Some boaters and fishermen can't wait to get back on the lake. Others are waiting for the weather to settle down and they can count on blue skies.

"I wish this rain would slow down where we can get back out here and do a little bit of fishing," said boater Jim Moore. "If we could get this rain to slow down a little bit maybe everything would be a little bit better.”

Water levels are low enough that the boat ramps are in good condition.

There's also a caution about wildlife that moved to higher ground because of the higher lake levels. Fort Worth specifically mentions snakes and alligators.

The motive for closing the lake is potential damage from boat wakes. When water levels reach a certain height, wake can cause erosion and damage to lakeside properties.