CLEAR Alert: Kidnapped DeSoto woman found safe near border, police say

Police in DeSoto said a woman believed to have been kidnapped Thursday was found safe near the southern border and is now back with her family.

A CLEAR Alert was issued for 37-year-old Lacey Lyn Overby after police said she was abducted in Lancaster.

According to police, Overby spotted a man, who she thought was homeless, near a gas station convenience store at about 3:30 p.m.

The registered nurse decided to buy the man food from a nearby Taco Casa.

"The victim was on the phone with a family member when she went to go make contact with the individual she was bringing food to," DeSoto PD Lt. Chris Huerta said.

DeSoto police said the family member heard a commotion on the other end of the phone.

They contacted police and a CLEAR Alert went out statewide with Overby’s photo and car description.

The family member told police Overby described the man before she gave him the food, so police had a description to work with. 

That man was described as a bald Hispanic man between the ages of 25-35. He was last seen wearing a blue and white plaid shirt, according to a family member who was on the phone with Overby at the time of the apparent kidnapping.

At about 11 p.m. Thursday, DeSoto police got a call that Overby was in Laredo trying to cross into Mexico.

She alerted authorities at the international bridge that she'd been kidnapped and the suspect was still inside the car.

"The officials there took her to safety. Officers at the international bridge searched the vehicle, however, they did not locate a suspect in the vehicle at the time," Huerta said.

There was nobody in the car with her.

And so far, nobody has been arrested.

"She was obviously very upset when law enforcement made contact with her [Thursday] night. She was taken for medical exam, just making sure she was okay. I can tell you that family is with her at this time," Huerta said.

Police don’t yet have the results from the medical exam. 

They also don’t have a motive for the kidnapping or know if a weapon was used.

They only confirmed Overby told officers she was being held against her will and told to drive across the border.

"The fact that she had the courage to alert authorities of what had happened and this person had kidnapped her. It takes a lot of courage, it takes a lot of courage to do that, and thankfully, she’s safe because of it," Huerta said.


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Border Patrol, along with Laredo and DeSoto police, are involved in the investigation.

DeSoto police are asking anyone who might have seen a man matching the suspect’s description near East Parkville Road to contact them.

Police have not had a chance to talk to Overby yet.

They hope to speak with her as soon as she’s back in North Texas.

A CLEAR Alert is issued for help finding missing, kidnapped, or abducted adults, or those who are in immediate danger of injury or death. It also helps find any potential suspects.