Kim Kardashian admits to stalking this superstar!

Earlier this week, Kim Kardashian revealed an early connection to Madonna at a conference moderated by Kandee Johnson.

“[Madonna], at a time period in her life, moved in with her manager who happened to be our next door neighbor growing up. So Kourtney and I would walk — our parents were good friends with her manager — so we’d walk their dog after school. So every day we would go over and we would see Madonna. Like, we were shaking.”

However, the real treat was when she got to see Madonna film her 1989 “Cherish” music video.

“My best friend Allison Azoff and I were at her parent’s beach house and we went outside hearing music and saw you on the beach filming. We sat there all day and watched you and the team let us and we sat there on the little stairs and we were mesmerized and we just talk about it all the time. Like, we got to see Madonna film her ‘Cherish’ music video. It was the best memory ever.”

It looks like the stalking worked to Kim’s benefit. Madonna posted a photo of the two of them at her Oscars party with the caption “Eating paper with KIm….,.,,,,,💕💕 A foreshadowing of things to come🎉🌈💕🎉🌈💕🎉🌈💕 #beauty #skincare #workinggirls #oscar #fun #mdnaskin #thermalwaters #holywater @jr @kimkardashian @mdnaskin 🌹♥️.”

Are we about to get a Madonna/Kim K beauty line?