Jury deliberating in trial of mother accused of exaggerating son's illness

A Tarrant County jury has spent most of this week deliberating child abuse charges against a woman accused of withholding food and water from her son.

Danita Tutt is also accused of exaggerating her son's illness.

Colby's story gained national attention in 2013 when he was surprised with a visit from a Wrestle-mania star. Soon after that visit, an anonymous tip to Cook Children's Medical Center about child abuse started the investigation into Tutt.

Tutt is on trial for three counts of injury to a child and one count of attempted murder.

The jury has deliberated for three days after listening to three weeks of testimony. Jurors have reached a partial verdict and are still deliberating on the fourth and most serious charge.

The jury came out and told the judge they had, in fact, reached a verdict on the first three counts but were deadlocked on the fourth. They said they could still reach a verdict if given more time.

During the trial, prosecutors told the jury that Tutt made up symptoms to convince doctors to perform unneeded surgeries on her son and then later withheld food from him.

Defense attorneys argued the state and investigators invented details to create a crime when no crime existed and that all Tutt did was love her son and get him the medical care he needs.

The case first attracted attention two years ago when Colby, who was a big WWE fan, got a surprise visit from wrestler Eric Rowan at his Cleburne home. He was home sick at the time.