Judge puts fake ‘no parking' signs on street near TCU

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The city of Fort Worth has taken down illegal parking signs that were put up by a state judge fed up with people parking on his street.

In the aftermath of an odd controversy that apparently puts a state appeals court judge, if not on the wrong side of the law, at least on the wrong side of a city ordinance.

The Bluebonnet Hills neighborhood has a lot of "resident only" and "no parking" signs. Nestled up against Texas Christian University, most everybody agrees college students and their cars can be a problem.

Judge Larry Meyers commutes from Bluebonnet Hills to his job in Austin on the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals.

"They were blocking our driveway. They were keeping our buckets from being picked up,” the judge said. “And we were complaining to the city and complaining to TCU and getting nowhere."

He admitted being frustrated that the city had not posted no parking signs on West Devitt Street and admitted he and other neighbors purchased and put up the fake signs that the city now calls illegal.

The signs on city poles actually went up for the first time earlier in the summer. After complaints were made, the signs were taken down and then went up again about almost two weeks ago.

“All these municipalities buy from a company out in Grand Prairie,” explained Meyers. “So we just went to there."

"And at that point, I got a lot of emails and neighbors were emailing and going, 'Who's putting them up? What are they?'” said resident Martha Jones. “So I just advised the city to contact the city and they did."

Jones admits being among those who blew the whistle on the fake signs on West Devitt Street.

“I just wish Larry Meyers would have gone through the proper channels,” she said. “We were working with the proper channels, and I wish he had worked with us."

The city says there could be consequences.

"It's an illegal sign similar to if you put up a garage sale sign in the right of way,” explained Michelle Gutt with the city. “There could be a fine that can be levied. That has not been determined if the city is going to fine the person who put up the sign."

Judge Meyers has heard nothing about a fine, but said he has been assured the city will do something about parking on West Devitt soon.

"I didn't want to cause the controversy but I'm certainly glad it's getting the attention that it's getting to get it done,” said Meyers.

It does appear the city will fast track something to restrict parking on West Dewitt Street. They just have to decide what the restrictions will be.