Judge denies request to move Christina Morris trial

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The man accused of kidnapping Christina Morris will stand trial in Collin County.

Judge Mark Rusch on Friday morning denied the defense’s motion to transfer venue.

Lawyers for Enrique Arochi had argued publicity surrounding Morris’ disappearance would prevent him from getting a fair trial in Collin County. However, prosecutors pointed out that Arochi willingly gave media interviews as police searched for Morris.

The judge said there is no evidence that Arochi would be treated unfairly.

Morris was last seen in 2014. Arochi was the last person seen with her as the two left a friend’s apartment in Plano. Investigators found her DNA in his trunk, but her body was never found.

Morris’ family said they would have been fine with a venue change as long as there is a trial and justice is served. They haven’t given up hope that she is alive somewhere.

Arochi has pleaded not guilty.