John Wiley Price returns to commissioner's court

Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price was back at work at commissioner’s court for the first time Tuesday since he was found not guilty.

There were hugs, handshakes and smiles for Price and Daphney Fain after the not guilty and hung jury verdicts in their public corruption trial last Friday. For the first time in months, all five county commissioners were present.

Price joked about his recent trial as a resolution was read by Commissioner Theresa Daniel honoring jury service.

“The fair and impartial administration of justice,” Daniel said.

“I second!” thundered Price, drawing laughter.

But the moment turned serious, as those who work the county's jury system posed for a picture with Price. He spoke about a 1986 Supreme Court case that barred prosecutors from excluding jurors solely on race.

“But for that case people who look like me wouldn't be serving on juries,” Price said. There were three African Americans and six people of color sat on Price's federal jury

Asked how it felt to be back, Price -- never short of words -- only said, “I can’t describe it.”

Many citizens came to speak and show support for Price, others to share personal messages and a selfie with their man downtown.

“It feels good to be back where the people placed me to begin with,” Price said.