John Wiley Price judge will likely dismiss some charges

The judge in the John Wiley Price corruption trial said Monday she will likely dismiss some charges against Price after jurors reach a verdict, even if their verdict is guilty.

Federal judge Barbara Lynn doesn’t feel like the government made its case on some of the charges against Price.

If Price is found guilty on the bribery charge, she will dismiss other charges related to mail fraud and what’s termed “deception of honest services.”

If Price is found not guilty on the bribery count and guilty on the same mail fraud related charges -- she will dismiss them.

There are still counts 8 through 11 of the indictment which are tax fraud tax evasion cases.

Lynn could choose to set aside the jury verdict after trial or let verdict stand. If she sets aside the jury verdict and enters a judgment of acquittal, then the government could appeal.

Closing arguments are expected to begin Tuesday.