Irving apartment complex flooded after water main break

An Irving apartment complex was filled with thousands of gallons of rushing water --  but not because of the rain.

Crews with the city of Irving worked Thursday afternoon to remove water at the Newport Apartments after a water main break sent 2,000,000 gallons of water into the complex.

Resident Angel Ibarra shot cell phone video as he waded through several feet of water that submerged his parked car and filled it with mud.

“We heard a pop and the water was coming,” said flood victim Lecreta Jones. “It just came all at one time.”

“If you stood on the floor, the water would take you with it,” said Beverly Faggins. “It was just that swift.”

They waited there two hours before the water started to recede and climbed down to find just about everything they owned soaked and caked in mud.

The city said the main that broke was connected to a nearby water tower, but the water supply remains sufficient.

Even those on the second floor feel helpless. Mario Hernandez says he watched as both of his cars were caught in the rapidly rising water. Neither of them will start.

“My wife works and I have to take the kids to school and pick them up,” said Hernandez. “I don't know how we are going to do it.”

Residents are asked to contact the city's risk management department for information on filing claims.