Independent report: Dallas Animal Services needs massive overhaul

An independent report on the City of Dallas' Animal Services says the department needs a major overhaul.

The report was commissioned after Antoinette Brown was mauled to death by a pack of dogs in South Dallas in May and indicates DAS has serious management issues that need to be fixed.

Boston Consulting Group found dog bites are up in Dallas 15 percent while the number of dogs Dallas picks up is down. The report also found DAS officers are not as efficient at picking up dogs as their peers in other cities.


One of the big recommendations is that DAS be removed from under code compliance and be a standalone department that reports directly to the city manager.

Other recommendations include increasing the efficiency of animal control officers and raising money through donations that would allow for free spay-neuters.

City council member Scott Griggs, whose district includes parts of southern Dallas, said the report is vindication on previous criticism and the city needs to follow the suggested roadmap for massive changes.

Griggs said the council needs to provide more funding for animal services. Right now there is only enough in the budget for field officers four days a week.

The proposed budget increase to address the problems would be $1 million.