In-N-Out's newly released 'Drink Cup Shoes' featuring popular logo become instant hit

You can now literally take In-N-Out wherever you go. The popular restaurant chain released a pair of laceless slip-on sneakers featuring its iconic logo.

You might have to wait a while to buy the shoes though. Three days after In-N-Out Burger announced the sale of their "Drink Cup Shoes" on social media, the sneakers were sold out after becoming an instant hit.

"Due to the popularity of this item, we are currently out of stock. We anticipate this product to be restocked in May. Please check back for when this product is available," the company's merchandise website said.

The shoes retail for $64.95 and feature the restaurant's drink cup design and their In-N-Out logo on the heel. They also have red removable insoles with the logo printed in white.

A children's version of the shoes is also available for purchase for $39.95.

The company's social media post got over 38,000 likes on Instagram and over 13,000 shares on Facebook.

"They’ll go a lot farther than a box of chocolates. Available in his, hers and youth. #innout #innoutburger #shoesoftheday," said the post.

In March 2019, In-N-Out sued Puma North America, Inc. for copyright infringement after Puma released a pair of sneakers with red and yellow accents and red laces with palm trees stamped across them, according to a FOX News article.