Hundreds of bags still unclaimed at Dallas Love Field after Wednesday storms

Hundreds of bags were still unclaimed at Dallas Love Field as of midday Friday as a result of this week's storms.

Wednesday’s severe weather caused hundreds of delays and cancellations, which rerouted travelers and their luggage.

Southwest Airlines employees said they were working on Friday to call owners of each piece of luggage. But they said since it's been hectic, people’s best bet is to show up and check for yourself.

Crowds gathered Thursday night to claim bags, which dropped the number of unclaimed items from the thousands to the hundreds. Those who didn't find their belongings Thursday were told to check back Friday.

Jordan Brown was one of the fortunate travelers who located her bag.

"I lost my bag on the first leg of the travel, lost it coming back and we're leaving today to go elsewhere on another trip so it's been crazy,” Brown said.

Connecting bags with their owners could go on for days.

Southwest Airlines said it can mail items to people’s homes if it’s found at a later date.