Hundreds attend veterans job fair at AT&T Stadium

Hundreds of military veterans went to AT&T Stadium on Thursday looking for jobs.

Google and RecruitMilitary worked together to help men and women find careers after retiring from the military.

The goal was to bring veterans and potential employers together under one roof to discuss unique job opportunities that match the veteran’s military skill sets. 

“Now is a very good time to be professionally curious,” said Chris Newsom, with RecruitMilitary.

Newsom was one of the hosts of the job fair for veterans in Arlington.

“There is data that supports, these men and women are a financially wise decision for a company to make,” Newsom said. “It goes beyond patriotism and altruism. It’s good business sense.”

“The veteran skill set is highly desirable, really at all levels,” said Kevin Fitzpatrick, with PepsiCo.

Veteran unemployment is near a record low at 3 percent, and companies like PepsiCo are still recruiting.

“There’s a direct correlation,” Fitzpatrick said. “It’s a proven track record of success with veterans, and we just really want to get our fair share of the veteran population.”

Technology companies like Oracle say veterans with high security clearances are valuable assets.

“It’s not just somebody with a really great credit score,” said George Ploss, with Oracle. “It’s an institutional tool that tells you this person is trustworthy and they can handle sensitive information in a dynamic market. Why wouldn’t we want that at Oracle?”

More than 600 veterans looked at jobs and careers they hadn’t even considered before.

“I’ve spoken to so many different companies and they all had positive feedback for me and I’ve gotten several different interviews,” said Ethoia Lewis, Army veteran.

“That’s what I’m looking at. To get back in the financial services industry,” said Homer Martinez, Air Force veteran.

[REPORTER: “Does it give you hope to see this many companies ready, willing, and able to hire veterans?”]

“Oh definitely! Yes, it’s great,” Air Force veteran Johnathan Reyes replied. “It touches my heart.”

“These are really good companies here,” said Army veteran Tony Wynne. “I mean the pay is gonna be pretty good in that aspect. Oh yeah, I could see myself working for somebody’s company in here.” 

RecruitMilitary has partnered with Google to create a unique search tool on its website that helps translate a veteran’s military job and experience into quality civilian employment opportunities.