How a keyless ignition system could turn your car into a silent killer

Do you have a keyless ignition system in your car? A new report says that could be deadly.

Keyless ignitions are the systems in cars that allow you to leave you key in your pocket or purse and simply push a button to start the car.

How could that be dangerous? The New York Times found that since 2006, at least 28 people had died and another 40 were injured due in part to these systems. The reason behind these deaths and injuries is carbon monoxide poisoning. Drivers who don’t fully understand how the system works have placed the car in park in their garage, and exited the car without pushing the button to turn off their vehicle. The garage, and then their houses, fill with deadly carbon monoxide.

This issue is especially dangerous for older drivers who have decades of experience driving a certain way. If they aren’t used to the new ignition systems and much quieter engines of new cars, it’s harder to tell that the car is still running.

The Society for Automotive Engineers has called for a warning system to be included in keyless ignition cars, and some automakers like GM and Ford now include an automatic shut-off system.

For now, though, always make sure your car is really turned off before you exit the vehicle. It could save your life.