Hometown Hero: Patti Noe

Thirty-three years ago, a rash of burglaries in Patti Noe's neighborhood made her think what can she do? She decided to volunteer with the Arlington Police Department to help officers keep Arlington safe.

Patti hosts National Night Out parties so neighbors can get to know neighbors. She also went through training to be a COPS Mobile Volunteer. Citizens On Patrol drive a city-issued car. They slowly drive through neighborhoods. And if they see something out of the norm, they call it in.  They don't get out of the car unless asked to by an Arlington Police Officer.  They are a trained extra set of eyes and ears.

Patti calls it an honor to help the men and women in blue. She says she gets more out of her volunteer service that she gives.

This is National Volunteer Appreciation Week, and the Arlington Police Department is grateful for 300 volunteers who give more than 33,00 hours of volunteer service.

If you're an Arlington resident and would like to volunteer with the Arlington Police Department, call Officer Tim Heyden in Crime Prevention at (817)459-6468.