Hometown Hero: Clarence Griffith

‘Forever young’ is how many describe Clarence Griffith. The 103-year-old Dallas man is a "Caring Hearts" volunteer at Baylor Dallas.

When Clarence was 94, he had a heart bypass surgery there. Since then, he has been a part of the "Caring Hearts" volunteer program for almost nine years.

Every Monday at 7 a.m., Clarence gives eight hours of volunteer service; comforting family members whose loved ones are having cardiac surgery or other procedures. He'll hold a hand, hold a conversation and give them medical updates.

Clarence is a U.S. Navy veteran of World War II and Korea. He was a master electrician and owned his own company.  He's been a member of Gaston Oaks Baptist Church for 78 years and has gone on 48 mission trips around the world helping build churches. 

The last time Clarence had alcohol was a beer when he left the Navy after the Korean War. He doesn't smoke and eats anything he wants... in moderation. Clarence works out five days a week, and says that's essential for heart health.

Clarence credits his vitality and longevity to his religious faith. He's proud to say he still drives his car and has never had a speeding or parking ticket.

Clarence says he makes every day great and uses each day to help someone else.