Hilarious highway sign in Tennessee channels 'Christmas Vacation' to remind drivers not to text and drive

(Courtesy: Tennessee Highway Patrol)

We've all seen the highway signs that remind you to drive safely. But one hilarious sign is spreading that message while paying homage to a Christmas movie classic.

The Tennessee Highway Patrol posted a photo of an overhead signboard from the state's Department of Transportation, telling drivers not to text and drive.

Referencing an iconic line from "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation," the sign read, "Cousin Eddie says Twitter's full, put down the phone."

“A lot of people have the lines memorized from Christmas Vacation so everyone kind of knows what that means and it kind of will hopefully give people a little bit of a chuckle," Tennessee Department of Transportation spokesperson Jennifer Flynn told WDEF. "Of course on the flip side, we do have people who don’t like it, but we can’t please everyone."