Hemp farming bill passed by the Texas Senate

A bill that would allow farmers to grow and process hemp in Texas is now expected to head to Governor Greg Abbott after it was passed by the Texas Senate.

After passing through the House in April, HB 1325 passed through the Senate on Wednesday with a 31-0 vote. It will head back over to the House for final approval on changes made by the Senate before landing on Gov. Abbott's desk.

This bill would make it legal to produce, process and sell hemp products, like CBD oil, in Texas. The products could contain no more than 0.3 percent of tetrahydrocannabinol, THC.

Hemp farming was just recently approved by the federal government. The plant is a cousin of marijuana but does not produce a high and can be used for industrial purposes like clothing and rope.

The Texas Department of State Health Services dropped hemp from the dangerous drugs list last month.

The state’s agricultural department believes hemp could be a profitable crop for farmers. Other supporters are looking to the legalization of CBD oil which is derived from hemp.

It's unclear whether Gov. Abbott will pass or veto the bill.