Heartwarming video shows 95-year-old conducting high school choir

A Wylie East High School choir helped to bring back memories for a resident at a memory care center in Sachse.

Doris Trousdale, who recently turned 95, spent many years as a choir director. So naturally, her face lit up when the school’s a cappella choir showed up to sing Christmas carols for residents at Mustang Creek Estates.

The choir directors offered to let her conduct after they noticed her doing the motions behind her walker. The touching moment was caught on video.

“We noticed that she was conducting and after the carol, my husband asked if she had been a choir director. She had, and we offered her the opportunity to conduct. She was so excited and our hearts were just bursting,” said Ashley Dame, a Wylie East High School choir director.

Trousdale told the group that even though she might not remember everything day to day, the moment will have an impact on her for the rest of her life.

The students surprised her a few days later with Christmas cards and a framed photo of the incident.