Gun owners to undergo a background check when buying ammunition in California

A new ammunition law is aimed to go into effect July 1 that will require gun owners to undergo a background check when buying ammunition.

California will be the first state in the nation to implement the new law. Some people say we’ve only been handling half the problem, putting restrictions on gun sales but not on ammunition sales. 

Starting Monday, the Department of Justice will require a background check at check-out that will cross-reference your personal information with what is on file in DOJ’s Automated Firearms System, inputted when you buy and register a gun.

If your information matches, it will take about one to two minutes to go through and cost you $1. If it doesn’t match or you’re not in the system, it’ll cost you $19 and up to 10 days to process and clear.

LAX Range and Ammo store owner Dan Kash says the new law will mostly hurt California’s millions of law-abiding gun owners.

"Locking a door doesn’t stop a thief from breaking in so putting another restriction on ammunition it’s not going to stop a crazy person or person with mental illness from getting ammunition or a firearm," said Kash.

“Gun owners have to be aware that if they don’t speak up and vote it’s going to be more costly and much more difficult for them to get what they want and need," he said. 

Ten bills are pending in the State Legislature that would expand the law. One bill would allow people to petition the courts to take away guns from people determined to be "at risk." Another would extend restraining orders related to gun violence from one to five years.