Group raising money for Levitt Pavilion bathrooms

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People in Arlington are putting on a potty party to raise money for a local entertainment spot.

The Levitt Pavilion in Downtown Arlington now has just temporary restrooms. A $75,000 fundraiser campaign seeks to replace them with real bathrooms.

The group behind the effort is offering donors everything from stickers to t-shirts that say “Potty On.” Big donors can pay to have their name put on a stall or a pass to go to the front of the line for the next five years.

“For the past nine years, we have had porta potties, which is not very popular especially if you have small kids or if you’re a physically challenged person. Porta potties are not the most fun thing to use,” said

The pavilion also plans to add a hospitality center. The entire project would cost more than $2 million. But for now, organizers are just focused on the $75,000 bathrooms.