Graphic testimony continues as Larry Nassar listens to more victims speak

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One after another, dozens more women are sharing their pain and confronting the man who abused them as children while former MSU doctor Larry Nassar sits and listens to what he's done. 

Some of the victims tried to speak up for years, but the adults who should have protected them never listened.

On Tuesday, 90 people started giving their statements in court about what Nassar did to them or their families. On Wednesdsay, the 44th victim was heard, Chelsea Kroll (Williams). She was 16 and an elite gymnast at the MSU training center when Nassar violated her.

"He pulled my leotard aside and inserted his gloveless hand into my vagina," she said she was told it was part of 'treatment'. "He massaged inside of me for what I would estimate to be about 20 to 30 minutes in a circular motion. Then he thanked me for trusting him."

Jennifer Hayes, a figure skater who needed treatment for a hip and ankle injury. She testified something similar.

"You told me to lie down on my stomach and open my legs," she said. "You then parted my loose shorts - that you always made me put on. And without warning, forcefully pushed your dry fingers into my vagina."

And Carrie Hogan, who traveled from California spoke - not only of the hatred to Nassar but MSU, where the abuse took place. 

"I can't even put on an MSU sweatshirt without thinking about Larry Nassar," Hogan said.

Michigan State President Lou Anna Simon attended day two of the sentencing and reacted to the passion of stories of women duped by Larry Nasser.

"I trusted, a lot of people trusted," she said. "What you are hearing is a story of betrayal and broken trust with enormous ramifications. That is very very painful, if I was not the president of Michigan State."

Others believe Michigan State has a lot of blame in the Nassar situation. 

"1997 they didn't listen, 1998 they didn't listen, 1999 they didn't listen," said Mick Grewal, an attorney representing clients suing Nassar. "Just yesterday, 2003, we found out there was a collegiate volleyball player that tried to report to her coach something. They didn't listen to her. 2014 - that's the one we really can look at, they didn't listen. In fact they did not even do an impartial investigation."

In 2014 Nassar was actually suspended by MSU for three months. The school did their investigation but concluded that he did not do anything wrong and they allowed him to go back to MSU. 

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Nassar was not fired until December of 2016. In that time there were more victims that Nassar abused. Michigan State has set up a $10 million fund to help victims.