Grandma wanted for Haltom City toddler's death captured near San Antonio

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The Haltom City woman wanted for the death of her young grandson has been arrested.

Police said 43-year-old Patricia Flores was taken into custody in Pearsall in Frio County, which is southwest of San Antonio. Haltom City police are expected to bring her back to Tarrant County on Friday.

Flores allegedly left 2-year-old Lyfe "Gabe" Flores alone in a bathroom near hot running water sometime between midnight and 2 a.m. on March 24. When she returned he had second and third-degree burns, but she did not get him medical attention.

She waited six days before calling 911. At that point the boy was unresponsive, police said.

In the 911 call Flores made on March 30, she told the dispatcher, "I've got a 2-year-old. It looks like he's in shock." She went on to say he is also having trouble breathing.

Police said Flores spent several days treating the boy's injuries with home remedies. An infection developed and that likely contributed to his death five days after he was taken to the hospital.

Flores initially told investigators that the scalding burns were accidental. However, she made a comment doctors considered suspicious. Police are trying to determine if she put the boy in the hot water as punishment.

Police are not releasing some documents in the case because the investigation is ongoing.

“I don't really want to know what all he went through,” said Stephanie Moshier, Lyfe’s maternal grandmother. “I don't think I could bear that. I just know that he suffered a lot."

Moshier said after domestic issues with the boy's parents, CPS placed Lyfe and his 5-month-old sister in Flores care.

"Patricia begged us to. She wanted the kids,” Moshier said. “It made sense.  She didn't have a job. We all work, so it just kind of made perfect sense."

Flores is facing charges for injury to a child and serious bodily injury by omission. Her bond has already been set at $75,000.

"I truly believe that she will get what's coming to her,” Moshier said. “God will take care of it, and the prison system will take care of her as well."