Grand jury process moving quickly for Farmers Branch officer who fatally shot suspected car thief

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The grand jury process is going unusually fast for the Farmers Branch officer accused of murdering a suspected car thief.

Juan Moreno was fatally shot just two weeks ago as he tried to leave a Northwest Dallas strip mall parking lot.

Police originally said an unnamed Farmers Branch officer who was watching a stolen truck opened fire because Moreno drove at him. But, surveillance video appears to show Moreno driving around the officer.

On Wednesday, prosecutors presented evidence in the case. The district attorney's office isn't commenting on why this case seems to be moving at record speed.

An attorney for Moreno's family is surprised it has gone to a grand jury so quickly. Public pressure could be pushing the case faster than normal.

Moreno's family plans to sit outside of the grand jury room until a decision is made.

 "They're missing him and said, ‘Well, we're going to try and find justice.' So they took it upon themselves to bring all these signs and stuff," the victim's father, Juan Moreno Sr., said. "Hopefully, he gets indicted because he shouldn't have killed him the way he did. He could have acted another way."

Farmers Branch police have not released the officer's identity yet because of unspecified threats. Dallas investigators handling the case recommended the officer be charged with murder.

Attorney Geoff Henley, who is not involved in the case, said the quick turnaround is very unusual for an officer-involved shooting.

"That's grease lightning fast," Henley said. "Most of them take months, and months, and months of wrangling and looking at things, comparing things."

Henley believes the surveillance video, which appears to show Moreno swerve around the officer in the stolen truck, will likely be a key factor in the grand jury's decision.

"When you have video, it changes things rapidly," he said.

Testimony from investigators will also be heavily considered.

"What they will really focus the most on will be the testimony of a detective, who will say this officer - who has yet to be named - had no basis to fear for his life," Henley said.

Testimony will resume Thursday morning. Moreno's father is eager for a decision.

"My heart is broken since everything started," he said.

The Farmers Branch police officer has been placed on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of this case and an internal affairs investigation.