Grand champion steer selected at Fort Worth Stock Show

The grand champion steer was selected Friday at the Fort Worth Stock Show with the winner and select others headed to auction on Saturday.

For the top winners it's enough money to secure their college education. Ben Bezner, 17, and his steer Mufasa was named grand champion.

"Something I've always worked for in the past 8 years,” Bezner said. “Just awesome to finally get this chance."

Austin Breeding, 18, and his steer Del Frisco were named the reserve grand champion. Breeding got a very emotional hug and tears of joy from his grandmother.

"It’s a sense of accomplishment, working hard for over 10 years and it finally happened,” Breeding said.

Making it even sweeter for Bezner and Breeding was that it was their last year to compete.

There are plenty of youngsters who are walking in their same path. Rilynn Hinsley, 9, is competing for the first time and showed who's in charge even though her steer Strawberry weighs 1,400 lbs. to her 70 lbs.

“He's sweet and you can pet him he's so soft and you can take him anywhere and he'll listen to you,” Rilynn said.

Rilynn's 11-year-old brother Hagen has been competing for years.

"I kind of consider them pets you love, you put a lot in with them, it's hard to let them go,” Hagen said.

It's a hard truth the kids have to learn. But the grand champion winner knows what’s about to happen.

“He's got awesome color and he's beautiful, tons of muscle, he's gonna make a really good steak,” Bezner said.