Granbury ISD blames late STAAR results for some seniors unable to graduate

A family is challenging a Granbury high school’s decision to not let their senior student graduate. However, the school district says it is late STAAR re-test results that will keep the student from and several others from graduation in May.

The invitations, cap and gown have already been ordered for Abigail Webb. But she may not get to use them when the rest of the Granbury High senior class graduates on May 27.

“I don't want to be standing up there cheering them on when it could be me,” the high school senior said.

Abigail's mom, Jessica Thompson, says Abigail was sick when she took the STAAR in December. She re-tested in March but because results aren't expected until June 3, the school said Abigail would have to walk during a special summer graduation in August.

“I dare anybody to take a test when they have walking pneumonia alone and see if they don't do great on it,” the mother said.

A spokesperson for Granbury ISD sent FOX 4 a statement pointing to problems with the STAAR including questionable results on writing portions.

Lewisville ISD was the first to report grading errors in English I and II end-of-course exams. It's not clear if that could have impacted Abigail's English scores. Granbury says it can't discuss details for privacy reasons but says students can request a graduation committee hearing.

“I'm sure there has to be a compromise somewhere,” Thompson said. “She works very hard for what she's got and I just hate that this little bit of a hiccup is going to keep her from walking across the stage that's a rite of passage.”

Graduation committee hearing includes the parent or a student advocate and the decision would have to be unanimous. The district said it would let students have a hearing as long as they passed three of the five portions of the STAAR, which is required by the state.

The family says there has been a lot of confusion and a lack of communication they hope will get sorted out since graduation is just around the corner.