Graffiti at Cathedral of Hope being investigated

Dallas police were investigating on Thursday graffiti sprayed on the Cathedral of Hope in Oak Lawn that appeared to be directed towards one person.

Rev. Neil Cazares-Thomas, Senior Pastor of Cathedral of Hope, has seen hate-filled homophobic graffiti before. But he said this incident is usual.

"It looks like something personal against somebody. I don't know why they would've chosen this pastoral building to graffiti,” Cazares-Thomas said.

If you overlook the misspellings, the graffiti appears to say kitty porn and also lists a name with a name and a Shreveport phone number. FOX4 called the number which was disconnected.

"It didn't seem this person was particularly well educated or they wanted us to perceive it that way,” said facilities manager Lynn Taylor, who was tasked with painting over the graffiti. "It's sad and it's disheartening and it makes me quite angry."

Dallas police investigated the crime scene and said it's too early to determine the intent or motivation of the offense, but it will be reviewed by detective.

Former prosecutor turned defense attorney Pete Schulte says the incident is disturbing.

"This church is not that easy to find. Police should be looking at this as a hate crime and as they do their investigation they need to find out not only who did it, but why,” Schulte said.

If police determine the vandalism was a hate crime and someone is caught and convicted, the hate crime designation could enhance their punishment.

Cazares-Thomas said he couldn't really understand why someone would do this.

"We are also entering I think into an era in our country where hatred and bigotry and homophobia has somehow been given permission and so as a congregation we are on the alert that these things will happen,” Cazares-Thomas said. "We will remain strong and continue to preach our message of God's love for all of our people. Regardless of what happens, that's our mission, that's our values and that's what we will continue to preach."