Governor Abbott visits with Santa Fe shooting survivors

Texas Governor Greg Abbott met with families affected by the Santa Fe school shooting during a service Sunday.

He embraced several students and greeted community members at the church.

Santa Fe High School senior Monica Bracknell talked to him about what she believes could be done to prevent school shootings. She told the governor that security should be enhanced at the school. She believes metal detectors might help keep someone intending to do harm from entering the school with a weapon.

 “It's not a political issue. It's not a gun law issue. It's this kid was able to get into a school very easily issue,” she said.

Reporters asked Bracknell if her student body will react the same way the parkland high school students in Florida reacted after their classmates were killed.

Those students have organized nationwide rallies for gun reform. She said, "it should be the exact same. It's like the same thing -- times two."

Right now, she says students are shaken up, especially after going back into the school yesterday to collect their belongings, saying dry wall was torn apart and students are doing "okay" but not as well as they could be.

Governor Abbott Also laid flowers at the school and took time to bow his head in prayer. Several students expressed their appreciation for his being there.