Good Samaritans pull man from burning truck

A group of people may very well have saved a man's life involved in a fiery crash near DFW airport.

People passing by on Airfield Road spotted man still in his pickup truck after it burst into flames. A woman who was dropping off family spotted the truck around 4 p.m. She was the first to get out of her car but hardly the only one to stop and help.

Like so many others that day, Arkesha Moore was taking someone to the airport when she saw a truck on fire.

“We passed a Ford F150. It was burgundy, and I saw like smoke coming out of the back tires,” she recalled. “Me and my sister were sitting there and we noticed a body in there, but we couldn't tell if it was moving.”

Moore called 911, looped back around, got out and ran toward the car. Her sister stayed in the truck with her son and recorded. Other strangers stop to help, but the man was stuck with time running out.

“The trucks started rolling backward,” she recalled. “One of the guys, way brave, went to the passenger door, opened it, and the man’s body fell toward the passenger door. And when he fell, another man just came by and grabbed him.”

The strangers pulled the man a safe distance from the truck. Shortly after, first responders arrived.

Moore says it's hard to explain what it felt like to be there and help.

“You see accidents happen all the time. Just the initial reaction just to jump in it’s just a blessing. I don't know how else to describe it,” she said. “If you can't stop, at least call 911. If you're willing and brave enough, do whatever you can to help somebody.”

Moore says the truck might have struck a light pole. It appeared that the car had struck something before it caught fire.

The man’s condition has not been released.