Good Records moving from its Lower Greenville location

After 14 years, Good Records is moving out of its locations on Greenville Ave.

The owners of the record store and music venue say they're most excited for the new beginnings they're going to get at their new location on Garland Rd.

Before they move out, Good Records is having a massive sale as they pack up what's left.

This sale had co-owner Chris Penn reminiscing about all the great times that people have shared at this location.

“Everyone has a good memory of a good show they saw out here, or they had a first date, or they bring their kids here to play and now their kids are 18 years old,” Penn said. “I kinda get teary-eyed thinking about it"

Good Records first opened in 2000 on Good Latimer Expressway.

Their new location will be on Garland Rd., in what's currently their offshoot boutique, The Good Pagoda.