29-year-old woman killed after man who jumped off building landed on top of her

A 29-year-old woman was killed in a freak accident when a man who appeared to have jumped off of a building landed on top of her as she walked below, according to a San Diego County medical examiner’s report.

Taylor Kahle was walking through the East Village in San Diego on April 25 with a date when an unknown adult male between 20-30 years old fell from a parking structure.

Witnesses said he had been hanging off a railing on a 9th-floor balcony before dropping to the ground. He was later pronounced dead at the hospital, according to the report. Kahle died at the scene.

Kahle was an only child and leaves behind her father and two rescue dogs, Roo and Stella.


Taylor at an event. (Laurel McFarlane)

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Laurel McFarlane, Kahle’s boss and close friend, told FOX TV Stations she got the tragic news Monday morning."He (Kahle’s father) called me and told me," McFarlane said through tears.

Kahle was a fun-loving spirit and touched many people’s lives, according to McFarlane. Kahle had started working for McFarlane as an intern and from there a friendship blossomed.

"I’ve known her for nine years. She kept everyone on track," McFarlane said. "She used to be so shy and she blossomed into a take-charge and considerably strong woman, which we need more of. She learned to use her voice well."


Taylor and Laurel McFarlane. (Laurel McFarlane)

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Kahle had not only worked with McFarlane but she helped her outside of work, like an assistant, but McFarlane considered Kahle more of a daughter than anything else.

"She was like a daughter. I loved her," McFarlane said. "She was amazing. Especially during the pandemic, which was hard."

McFarlane owns and runs her own promotions business and since the COVID-19 pandemic, business had gone down significantly. She was forced to cut down her staffing to just a few people, which included Kahle.

"She just did her job and did it well. She was happy to do it, always with a smile," McFarlane said. "I don’t think she was ever seeking gratitude and I don’t think she realized how many people she really touched."


Taylor and Laurel at an event together. (Laurel McFarlane)

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McFarlane said that some days she’d be working with Kahle for a full 24 hours, but she wouldn’t want anyone else by her side, especially during particularly busy events.

"You go through so much crazy stuff together," McFarlane said. "We’d be like going to battle together."

Kahle had plans to celebrate her 30th birthday on May 2 by going to wine country with a few friends. Her father had planned to be their designated driver. He even bought a chauffeur’s outfit, complete with a hat to play into the illusion, McFarlane said.

"She loved her dad," McFarlane continued. "She moved in with him recently because he had to have some minor surgeries. He loved her. You only wished for a daughter and father who had a relationship like that."


Taylor Kahle. (Laurel McFarlane)

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"He’s (Kahle’s dad) having his ups and downs," McFarlane said. "And when you ask how do you go on, you just have to live life for the people he’s lost. He’s finding out how many people his daughter has touched and how many hearts she touched and that’s a great gift for any parent."

Kahle’s father is in his 70s and has taken in both of his daughter’s rescue dogs.

"She loved people, loved her brunch and going out with friends and she liked going to concerts and festivals. We went to Mardi Gras together a few years ago just to have fun. She was a fun-loving spirit, she had a lot to get over with her mother’s death and she kept trying to live her best life," McFarlane said as she choked up.

Taylor Kahle1

Taylor Kahle pictured with her two rescue dogs, Stella (L) and Roo (R). (Laurel McFarlane)

"She was something special. God just needed her sooner," McFarlane said.

In honor of both Kahle’s love for animals and her mother who passed away from Alzheimer’s just two years ago, McFarlane is asking for any donations to be made to the San Diego Humane Society or to the San Diego Alzheimer's Association. Donations to the Alzheimer's Association can be a tribute made for Kahle's mom, Claudia. 

If you or a loved one is feeling distressed, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. The crisis center provides free and confidential emotional support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255, or text 741-741.