Garrett Hull's name added to Fort Worth's police and firefighters memorial

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Corporal Garrett Hull's name found a permanent home on a Fort Worth memorial.

Hull died in September 2018 during a shootout with a robbery suspect. Fellow officers called him the glue that held their unit together.

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It was a simple gesture with so much meaning. It was especially poignant for Hull's widow, Sabrina, who said that Monday would've been his 42nd birthday.

It was a bittersweet sound as the loud buzz from the tool engraving fallen officer Garret Hull's name onto the memorial wall in Fort Worth.

Sabrina couldn’t deny a mix of emotions while taking in the permanent etching on the monument honoring the city's police and firefighters who gave their lives in service to others.

"There's a moment where you're like, ‘This isn't real. I don't want this to be real,’” she said. “But at the same time, there was an overcoming sense of pride that, that's our guy. That's my babe. That's Garrett and that he deserves this honor."

In September 2018, law enforcement from around the country traveled to Fort Worth to celebrate the life of Officer Hull. He was shot and killed during an undercover operation when he and other officers confronted three robbery suspects. He fought for his life in the hospital for just over a day before passing away.

The engraving at the memorial was not an official ceremony, but it was something some of his brothers in blue wouldn't have missed.

"It's terrible we're here,” said Fort Worth Officer Mitchell Ellis. “But at the same time, it is a great honor to see his name go on this wall today."

"It's one of the greatest memorials, I think, in the country,” said Fort Worth Officer Anthony White. “It’s such a beautiful place to come and reflect on their life and remember who they are."