Garrett Hull 'Blue Bowl' flag football tournament held to raise money for fallen officers

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Organizers and family members of a fallen Fort Worth police officer joined to host the first ever Garrett Hull Blue Bowl flag football tournament.

The event honored Hull, who was shot and killed during an undercover operation last September.

More than a dozen teams came together Saturday to honor Hull with a few games of flag football.

“This is such a happy reminder of a legacy, and it kind of give officers hope,” Hull’s daughter, Jordan Hull, said.

Remembering Hull for his sacrifice while in the line of duty.

He and other officers confronted three suspects robbing a bar.

The man who killed Hull was killed by officers, and two others were arrested.

“I want everyone to know he was a hero in his job and his profession, and he died a hero, but he lived as a really good man,” Hull’s daughter added. “He was a great father, he was a wonderful husband, he was an example of love in every way.”

But Saturday’s football tournament was for thanking not only Hull, but all law enforcement.

“Thanks for everything you do, we're behind you, that's why we're here today. Appreciate it, thank you,” participant Johnny Moore said.

“It's sad, they try to do stuff for our community and end up getting in between the crossfire of stuff, unfortunately people die,” Blaze Miller added.

The money raised through Saturday’s event will go to scholarships and fallen officers' families.

“It helps because someone is gone, you don't have that second income. It really does help. It's also knowing that people don't forget and people are still willing to help out,” said Rosemary Zore, founder of The Fallen Officers.

Reminding the men and women in blue, and their families, that they're not alone.

“It is an overwhelming, lovely, wonderful feeling of having this community around us,” Jordan Hull added. “It's the only thing really getting us through, other than God."

“Right now, with the climate, how things are, we need to come together. We need to unite the community and just really support these men and women because they put that uniform on every day, they don't know if they're coming home. It not only affects them but their families,” Zore added. 

Saturday's events raised thousands of dollars for Hull's family and the Fallen Officers organization.