Garland SWAT standoff ends, carjacking suspects arrested

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Five people police believe are connected to an armed carjacking are now in custody following a standoff at a Garland apartment complex.

Police said three people armed with long guns and handguns stole a silver Tahoe from a driver around 1 a.m. Wednesday morning. They were in a red Kia that was also reported stolen.

Investigators found the Tahoe and Kia at the Miller Glen Apartments in the 1200 block of West Miller Road, near Glenbrook Drive. They arrested a 16-year-old male who was still inside the Tahoe and saw two other men run inside an apartment.

Police said the men dropped a set of keys that belonged to the Kia. Officers found shotgun shells inside.

After police negotiations failed, a SWAT team used tear gas to get the people inside to surrender around 8 a.m. Two additional males and two females were taken into custody without injuries.

"Whenever we encounter a circumstance in which there are armed robbery suspects or weapons involved, we always approach in a very safe and tactical manner," said Lt. Petro Barineau. "If we can get them to come out peacefully, that is our number one objective. So we attempt to communicate with them via phone, loud speaker or inserting an actual loud speaker inside the apartment. If that does not work we try to lure them out using tactical measures like gas canister so they will come out. If they do not come, the ultimate last resort that we do is an actual entry into the apartment."

Barineau said officers threw the tear gas through the windows to a spot they knew it wouldn’t strike anyone, but would make them come out. They were prepared for the suspects to come out firing their weapons.

Police said two 16-year-old male juveniles and 18-year-old Kyvontre Elmore will be charged with aggravated robbery.

Two shotguns and two BB guns were found inside their apartment, police said.