Garland PD looking for driver who ran over motorcyclist

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Garland police are looking for a hit-and-run driver who ran over a motorcyclist and kept going.

The accident happened Monday around 6:45 p.m. at the eastbound I-30 service road and Bobtown.

Surveillance cameras captured images of the suspect's car before and after running over the man on a motorcycle. Police are hoping someone will come forward with more information to help investigators.

53-year-old Ronald Frazier remains in critical condition at Baylor Hospital in Dallas days after a hit-and-run put him there. He’s had two surgeries so far and hasn't been able to breathe on his own without a ventilator. His family is keeping constant watch over him and hopes more witnesses or that driver who hit him will come forward.

For as long as Choicy Frazier can remember, her dad has had a love for riding his motorcycle.

“He took pride in that bike. Nice day outside? Got on the bike,” she said. “Never would we have thought this would happen.”

Choicy says her Ronald was on his way home to change for work Monday night. The husband and a father of four was stopped at service road when a driver hit and ran over him. His motorcycle landed on top of him, but the unknown driver kept going.

“You hit someone and you left them there,” Choicy said. “You went to sleep the past couple of days knowing that, and you haven't said or done anything.”

Garland police say Ronald wasn't wearing a helmet and suffered severe head, neck and leg injuries.

“It was a very serious accident,” said Garland PD Lt. Pedro Barineau. “We did not know if the motorcyclist was going to survive.”

Surveillance video at a nearby gas station captured the hit-and-run vehicle moments before and after the crash and showed Ronald and the driver were both in left turn lanes, side by side.

“When the light turned green, the motorcycle proceeded to turn left,” Barineau said. “But the other vehicle went straight and ran over the motorcycle and the driver.”

Police say witnesses stopped to help get the bike off Ronald, but no one caught a license plate or the make and model of the car. Police believe it is a dark-colored sedan, possibly a Dodge Charger, but are asking the public for help with leads.

“If you were at the red light and you saw what happened or you got a description of the car or half of a license plate, anything at this point will help,” Choicy pleaded.

Ronald’s family says he'll be in ICU for at least a couple more weeks and are not sure when he'll be able to go home.

Police believe the sedan might have right end damage from the accident. That driver is facing felony charges for failing to stop and help.

Anyone with information is urged to contact the Garland Police Department.